Thursday, August 13, 2009

Leven Thumps (series) by Obert Skye

When I first saw the book Leven Thumps at my local Wal-Mart I almost snorted. I mean come on, a book whose main character has the name 'Leven'? And a magical world called Foo? I count myself very lucky to have looked past the weird names and bought this book. So the very next weekend I (reluctantly) opened the book and started the first chapter... five chapters later people were waving their hands in front of my face to make sure I was still alive. Shockingly I loved the book. It had adventure, action, suspense, and it was funny. I found myself smiling more then once. So my advice? Go to your local book store or library and get this book! Like right now! Look past the weird names and the childish book cover, you'll be in for a real treat!




Cat said...

I think I will read that after I read Inkdeath, which I'll be reading after Inkspell which I have now, so soonish :P

Angela said...

I'll look for it! I love stories where there are weird names. I mean, one of my favorite book series (the dragon ones, dragonspell, dragonquest, dragonknight, and dragonfire [though dragonfire really isn't that good] the main character is named Kale. which, if I'm not mistaken, is a vegetable.