Saturday, January 16, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole, An Echo Falls Mystery -Peter Abraham

Down the Rabbit Hole is a mystery/thrilling book depicting the a time in the life of a 13 year old named Ingrid. The story starts as she tries out of a play with the community theater's production of Alice and Wonderland, as she loves to act. She also likes to play soccer... These two things are the events at which time everything begins to go wrong. A local murder mystery arises, and Ingrid cannot get it out of her mind. It makes no sense! Matters are made worse with suspicion, and a small fact... She left her soccer cleats at the victim's home... What will she do?

I thought that the books was good and it was exciting. There were lots of twists and turns, and it was a thrill of a book. It had lots of great elements to a story including: romance, mystery, scare, thrill, shock, intensity, fun, and it was easy to relate to most of the time. It had a lot of good qualities. The only thing I didn't really like is that some things... well, some was predictable. The others were that the end was awful, in my personal opinion, I think it was a really cruddy setup for a sequel. Which exhists, but it was one of those books that was great, but no- I don't want to read another. The characters were interesting but I didn't like the way things were laid out sometimes, and I also thought that at times the could make things tedious OCCASIONALLY with some unneccesary long descriptions, and then I felt when it mattered, I needed a better picture -a better description.

All in all, I thought it was a good book, and I think most kids/teens (whatever) and 12&up could easily enjoy this book. 4 stars!

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Cat said...

Hi! Cat again.
I just read the sequel "Behind the Curtain" (An Echo Falls Mystery) -Peter Abrahams
It was also good. It portrayed the same characters. It still carried the same amount of thrill, maybe a bit more, the kind that made you want to keep reading. It was published in 2006 or 7, and there was supposed to be a third, but now, being 2010 I kinda wonder whether that is to happen or not.

My have a few problems with this one though.
The predicatability. Oh geez! Maybe it's just me, but I kind of predicted most of it. A lot of it actually.
Then, the character; THE MAIN ONE. Ingrid. INGRIDINGRIDINGRID. By the end of the book especially, her attitude, or really, the clueless, thinksshessoclever, troublemaking/finding, problem 'solving?' things that go through her head, thinking she can fix it all... That got VERY ANNOYING. And I just don't think anyone is really that dumb/complicated (at the same time.) It's just really. Bizzarre. And I think maybe it was just kind of her ideology. I do think it was exaggerated. No person really thinks like that I don't think..
Hey, that could be just me though, so, keep reading, ya bookworms. :):)