Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear readers of this blog

(IF we have any)

I, Cat, am completely aware that we have not had that many posts lately. I apologize sincerely for the fact that I have not posted a review in some time. I thank Angela GREATLY *pokes Angela* because she's awesome and has somehow found the time to post at least sometimes!

If you want a reason for this, I completely understand. In my case, and I'm pretty sure everyone else's case too, school has TAKEN OVER MY LIFE. I'm a freshman. I guess. Homeschooling=blurred line when it comes to grade level.  I have a LOT of homework and most of the things I've had time to read lately have been boring and unremarkable- for school purposes only. I really haven't had time to write a review, and most of the reviews I could have written would have been of no interest to you.

SO. Readers: Thanks for sticking around and reading this blog if you have, which I know some people are ending up here because, our page views haven't just stopped or anything. I'm going to try to post a review as soon as I can! (because I personally have not in a long time). Also, when summer comes or over Christmas break or something I'm going to try and increase my posting a lot!

LOVE, Cat, and probably the rest of the AMAZING people behind Books4hearts.


Cat said...

Wow, that post was poorly written.
I'm also going to (right now) try to update some stuff around the site.

Angela said...

You're welcome. *pokes back* and it wasn't too poorly written. It got the message across, no? :)