Thursday, October 13, 2011

In which I meet Moira Young and Becca Fitzpatrick

So, you guys know how much I liked "Blood Red Road" by Moira Young, right? Well, my friend Elena, who also picked up the book (Yay for YA love.) found out that she (and "Hush, Hush" author Becca Fitzpatrick) was coming on tour to IL (another place besides where we went, too, and one coming up still) and told me a few days ago. It was a, 'I'm going to this and you should come.', kind of thing, and I didn't think I'd be able to, but I did!

Elena and I and our books.
Also apparently I'm not looking at the camera.
It was fun! (Unsurprisingly!) I'm really glad Elena let me know about the event-- I had no idea. Becca Fitzpatrick gave this really interesting/funny talk about how she came to write "Hush, Hush" and became a writer and such. Moira Young also gave a very interesting talk and read from "Blood Red Road" which was excellent and she read from an epic scene of the book (seriously, epic.)

*If I had been thinking, I would've taken photos of the authors talking, and then I would've posted them right here. Obviously I wasn't.*

Then they let people ask questions and some people asked what I thought were really good questions. And, I think it was after someone asked about movies to books or something, Moira Young mentioned that "Blood Red Road" had been optioned for film and Ridley Scott is going to be directing it! Elena and I didn't realize that had been announced and we were totally squee-ing (on the inside. Moira was still talking!). Becca Fitzpatrick also told a particularly funny story about a situation that she took from her life as a teenager and put in "Crescendo", regarding asking a boy to a dance, her friends, and a hot dog...
Standing in line to get books signed! Hm. That rhymes. Odd.

Then we got our books signed. I haven't read "Hush, Hush" and didn't have it but I bought it there, especially after hearing Becca talk I want to read it! We also took photos:
Me with Moira Young!

Me with Becca Fitzpatrick!
Why do I look so weird in this picture, anyway? I look fairly normal in the first one! :P
So, basically, it was a fun time. It was super nice to meet the authors, and they were also very nice!

If you want to attend a stop on Becca Fitzpatrick's tour for "Silence", there are three more stops for the US part of the tour and even more scheduled for the UK and Canada, check them out here. (You should go.)
The books! Also feathers. (Hush, Hush-- wings... fallen angel.. yep. And, Blood Red Road has Nero too!)


LoriStrongin said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! I love author event,s and even better when the audience gets into it and ask really good questions!

I haven't read Hush, Hush yet either, but yup, Blood Red Road was excellent!


Sarah said...

AHHH I'm so jealous... Looks like a lot of fun! I wish we had more author events in the MD/PA area.