Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hey guys.

So, you probably noticed that in November I said I would be 'back' to my routine of posting more often here at Books4Hearts. I got caught up in some other stuff, and planned to actually, like, legit, be back December 1st. However, I ended up spending quite some time kind of helping to re-do another project in the book blogger universe. I'm psyched to say I'm the new co-blogger-person at Young Bloggers Unite with Austin from Reading Teen. If you've never heard of YBU, it's a community centered blog sort of thing started a few months ago for the young book bloggers of the blogging community, originally by Melina from Reading Vacation and HD from Reading Writing Breathing. Shortly after, Austin joined them. HD and Melina decided they no longer had time for YBU, and so they stepped down and Austin stepped up, and he asked me to join the team! YBU has just come back from a while 'off the air' which he and I spent re-thinking YBU, re-making the schedule, and re-designing the blog, which took a lot of work-- now that it's set up, I promise I'm back, ha. I recommend that you check out YBU if you're a young blogger who wants to connect with the others, with discussions (ex... Today we're debating: Twilight vs. Harry Potter), guest posts, and more.

I have been preoccupied with other things as well, but I'm not trying to make excuses, everyone's busy! I just had finals and homework has been consuming my life and there's been some family stuff and all that.. The holidays are fast approaching as well! But ANYWAY. I didn't just make this post to talk about YBU or to tell y'all why I haven't been posting. I also meant to make a post about Google Friend Connect. 70 people follow this blog using GFC, and google recently announced that GFC was no longer going to be available for non-blogger blogs. Books4Hearts *is* a blogger blog, however it's been hinted at and would kind of make sense that google might eliminate GFC for all blogs eventually and it's their right to do it at any time. SO in light of this I suggest, to make it so that your review-reading is not interrupted that you either:
1) Follow the blog via email. To the right of this post under the GFC following widget there's a place to enter your email address to follow the blog via email.
2) Like Books4Hearts on Facebook, if you don't already.
3) Follow @Books4Hearts on Twitter, if you don't already. I realize that I'm not always good about posting/tweeting every time someone posts at B4H but I'll certainly try to be more attentive about that!

Anyway. I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays! And I'd like to thank everyone that reads Books4Hearts and follows and comments even when there aren't a lot of new posts and when there are-- I appreciate it! I'd also like to thank Angela and SEP for being awesome blogmates even if they can't necessarily post often, but I for one enjoy when they do and also, more importantly, they're great friends-- seriously, it sounds chees-y but it's true, they're seriously amazing people! :D

Just, again: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Whatever you celebrate, haha... May your Christmas be white, may the light of your menorah be bright, etc...) :)


LoriStrongin said...

Welcome back. Whew, just reading how much you've been up to makes me tired! But congrats on getting through finals and for all the work on the revamp of YBU!

Happy holidays, and here's hoping Santa brings you lots of excellent books in the new year!


P.S.- Thanks for the shout out for us Jews! I really appreciate when folks remember Hanukkah happens in December, too!

Cat said...

@Lori: Thank you very much! And no problem, I have Jewish family members and friends-- I think it's important to recognize the other holidays too! :D