Tuesday, February 10, 2009

and I know this is ALSO not a report

so, I know this isn't a report, but I don't really have time to write one right now, its about fifteen minutes till my bed time, but I will update this later. anyway, another good book is Flipped which is by the same person who wrote that one that Starr wrote about, the Keyes one?
Anyway, its about this girl, and this boy, and at first the girl likest the guy, and then the guy likes her, but she doesn't like him, anyway, this might sound really weird and annoying, but there is a lot more that goes on in the book. I would say this is for ten and ups.


PrincessReader said...

Hi Angela,

I really like this blog. I was a member of a bookblog before but then people stopped posting on it...no one has posted since July 2007!

Please can I join this book blog?
From Amber :0)

Cat said...

Look, Amber. I looked at your blog and stuff, and you seem really cool and everything, but I'm sorry, you can't join our blog. It's sort of a private things, for people we personally know and stuff. I don't mean to be mean about it or anything. :) Thanks for coming to the blog, and I really like yours.

PrincessReader said...

Oh that's ok, I don't mind. :0)


Angela said...

hiya everyone! and I know this is totally random, and I'm bored, so thats about it. =)