Monday, April 13, 2009

I have an announcement,
I have started another (they deleted my first one), another book carnival thing, and I was wondering if we could use this site as the homepage? it is a book review blog, and it might direct more traffic this way. Please comment and say what you think. if the vote is yes, I will say that this is the place where we can say who did what.
anyway, it was just a thought. (= sorry, this isn't a review.=)


Cat said...

I don't see anything wrong with this being the homepage. :) I say yes!

What would it mean though, this being the homepage, besides linking to it? Just wondering- I still think its a great idea.

Angela said...

well, basically what it would mean is that every month, when I had enough submissions, I would post who reviewed which book, and put links to their blogs in the post.

Cat said...

Oh, that's cool! Ok, I'll uh edit a widget into this blog about the carnival, you know just some links and stuff to join the carnival, since this is it's home now. coolz.