Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Hey bookworms, :P, Cat here to review a well known and totally awesome book, Eragon, by Christopher Paolini! :) So, I read this book because everyone said it was amazing, and at first, to tell you the truth, I didn't get into it. The first 50 (approx...) pages were kind of dry, very descriptive, which proved an amazingly vivid image, but that's the reason I can't get into say.. Narnia? TOO MUCH DESCRIPTION, and that's fantastic, of course, but its just... boring to me. Although I know lots of people do NOT agree with me I am sure, which is fine. :) But after that, it turns into an exciting, vivid, but not to much, amazing, book! Introducing elements of adventure, romance, drama, magic, mystery, personality and much more. This book, much like, say... Harry Potter? Has something for everyone.

Summary: Eragon is a normal farm boy in Carvahall, a small town. Little did he know that it would ALL CHANGE when he found a shiny rock in the forest that he thought might put meat on the table for the winter for his family. That rock, turned his world upside down. Saphira. 'nuff said. :P I'll stop there, you'll have to read it.

I give this book 5 stars. Seriously amazing. I mean, I'm sure anyone who liked Harry Potter, or any number of other fantasy books will find this book pretty great. I also find the author amazing, seeing as he wrote Eragon when he GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL at 15. That just shows that anything can happen, right? :) YAY him. lol. He may be older now, but still pretty young (at I think 23) to be an accomplished author with 3 books, Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and I've heard another soon to come. So if you like fantasy, or reading, or anything I promise you, that you will appreciate this book!

PS, I do reccomend this book for pretty much, mature 11 year olds and up, as there are some sequences of extremely vivid and gory violence.


Cat said...

Oh and HEY EVERYONE just one more thing if you are interested. Eragon excerpts can easily be found on the internet, AND on Zune Marketplace (for the mp3 play by Microsoft, Zune) the COMPLETE AUDIO BOOK of Eragon can be found in the podcast section. I found it this morning, cool huh?

Cat said...

UPDATE TIME! I decided I'd try to do this for books that I read the sequels to from now on.
Finished Eldest, currently about 150 pages into Brisngr! Eldest wasn't anywhere near as brilliant, awesome, and good, as Eragon. But it was pretty good. I'll warn you the end made me want to tear my eyes out and wish I'd never read it. I kind of suspected it though, so oh well.

Cat said...

Just finished Brisingr! :) Good book. It got even gorier (sp?), so I would actually recommend that one for like 12&up, but like most,l depentds on what you can handle I guess.

Gooddd bookkk. Except people die. Further developements in Eragon's 'family'.
Great series, looking forward to the fourth and final.