Tuesday, September 22, 2009

favorites. :D

hi people. :) make sure you take a look at Lollipop's and Sara's answers down below, lol.

What is/are your favorite book? The Ordinary Princess... HP (Harry Potter), Maximum Ride, the Anybodies, the Somebodies, the Nobodies, the Abarat series, umm.... Shadow Spinner, well, there's a lot. don't really have a favorite. oh, and anything Gail Carson Levine. :D
What is/are your favorite series? the Vesper Holly Adventures by Llyod Alexander
Who is/are your favorite author? either Gail Carson Levine, or Shannon Hale
What is/are your favorite genre/type of book? I don't really know. :D
What was your favorite book when you were little? Narnia!!!
What do you think of it now? still love it!
What is the weirdest book you've ever read? either the Drowned Maiden's Hair, or the great good thing.
What is the longest book you have ever read? either a Harry Potter book, or an ink book. :)
How long did it take you? hmm. for the Harry Potter, about an average of 3 days. for the Inkheart/Inkspell, about 2. :D
Do you ever want to write a book? yup! I'm currently writing one. :) it's going to take place in the Salem Witch Trials.
Do you listen to Audiobooks? YES! I love them. you can do all sorts of things while you listen to them. for example, I knit ALL the time, and that way I can sort of, read, I guess, my favorite book, while do something different with my fingers. :)
What do you think of them? Love them!
When did you start to love to read? I don't really remember. I was probably pretty young... I think I was like, 5.

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