Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer Reading, AND MORE! :) :)

Hey Bookworms! It's Cat! How was your summer? I hope it was great.

Along with summer comes SUMMER READING. So that's what I'm here for, and I have QUESTIONS. What did you read this summer? Did you read anything that you REALLY liked? How many books did you read? More then usual? Did you read anything from this blog? Anything you suggest? What did you think? (Feel free to answer these in the comments.)

That was a lot of questions, I know. But I didn't say you had to answer all of them.

I wanted to tell everyone that I've been reading lately, but I haven't been reviewing books because most of them are sequals and I like to refrain from reviewing books that are part of series if they aren't the beginning, so there are no spoilers or boring reviews. Infact, this summer, between the books we've reviewed and the ones we haven't, I know my friends and I have been reading lots of books. Of course, that is great considering that is what that blog is for.

As for me, I've read approx 43 books this summer (Mid-May, to September. Ones I've finished. Ranging from 200-1000 pages each)...

I'm back to school now and I'm sure most of you are to. When you read a book feel free to send it in via comment, it's great!

As we near 1000 views (counter at bottom of the page), I must say that I thank our readers, whomever they all may be. Thanks! You guys rock. :) :) :) Keep reading guys, and keep coming back, because there might be something special slowly in the works for once we get close to or after a 1000 views!

Anywayz, have a good school year everyone, keep checking out the blog, join Angela's Carnival, and umm well keep being awesome! peace,cat

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