Monday, January 17, 2011

Amazing Grace by Megan Shull

"Try it!" She dares me.
And it's weird, because normally, normally I am not the type of girl who does crazy high-rish, illegal activities. I'm more of the seat-belt wearing, rule-following, stressing sort. After four years of professional tennis, I have several advanced degrees in crying, throwing up, and stressing myself to sleep. So, I don't know, maybe it's my new haircut, or the pierced nose, or maybe this Emily O'Brien chick has taken over my body and she's braver than me.
You know the "it" celebrities. The ones who are always staring at you from the cover of the magazine. The perfect ones. The ones that everyone wants to be like.
Grace is one of the it ones.
Until, escaping the paparazzi, escaping the tennis match she was in, escaping the photo shoot... she drops out of existence.
No, she didn't die.
She had a make-under, threw away all her stupid expensive junk, and moved to Alaska. At least for three months. At least until it's safe for her to come back and live with her mom.
She lives in a little cabin (a rustic one, not one of those super deluxe ones) with a woman named Ava, who looks like Julia Roberts.
The town's population?
And one of those 813 people is Grace- now Emily O'Brien.
Another one of those 813?
A cute boy. No- a gorgeous boy. A gorgeous boy who happens to like Grace/Emily.
Let love in.
I don't know what has come over me.
All I can say is that this crying thing, the purging thing, the get-the-sadness-out thing. IT WORKS!
This was one seriously epic book. The characters- Grace/Emily, Teague, Fisher- all of them were amazingly unique and interesting. I recognized a lot of myself in Grace/Emily, and I think that most girls my age would too. She makes for a very interesting person- and a very interesting character.
The plot was also fairly interesting. This wouldn't be what you'd call a page turner. Don't get me wrong, I definitely wanted to keep reading, even after reading only two paragraphs, but it wasn't too gripping that I couldn't fall asleep at night. (Thankfully).
The plot was also interesting in the fact that it was a romance, without all the stupid, predictable plot twists that usually accompany romances. For example- there was none of the stupid "boy or girl makes stupid decision. Boy or girl dumps their girlfriend or boyfriend. Boy or girl and girlfriend or boyfriend make up." It was pretty straight forward, which I liked a lot.
This was a quick but enjoyable read, and I'd give it five stars.
There's a daisy tucked behind her ear. A daisy. I cannot compete with a DAISY, people.

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