Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"The Gift" -James Patterson & Ned Rust (Sequel to Witch&Wizard)

Whit and Wisty are back in this action-filled adrenaline rush of a sequel to "Witch & Wizard". Whit and Wisty are back for more rebellion, action, escapes, fighting, and further discoveries about Wisty's gift. I really can't say much more without spoiling the first book so on that note I'll stop!

I highly recommend the first book and its sequel! I think they're great books, with an amazing concept. They're very fast paced, just like all of James Patterson's books, which we have reviewed several of. Another note is that Ned Rust also collaborated with James Patterson for the second Daniel X book, "Daniel X: Watch the Skies".

I actually liked this book better then the first one, it was a rare occasion for me but I liked the sequel better- that never happens! I thought it was just as action packed and interesting, but I thought most of it just seemed to be written better than the first one, and I think it was portrayed in a less confusing manner- the first book seemed to confuse me a bit....

Anyway, you should definitely pick up "Witch & Wizard" and "The Gift". 4 1/2 Stars!

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