Monday, January 31, 2011

Prism by Faye Kellerman and Aliza Kellerman

"What!" I exclaimed. She patted my head and I swatted her hand away. "You got Stephen- Stephen!" I was growling again. "And you got Iggy? How'd you get both of them?"
"The good fairy must like me."
"Meaning the good fairy hates me? What'd I do to her to merit Zeke Anderson?"

Kaida has, for the fifteen years she's been on earth, taken for granted how easy it is to be cured. Of a sickness, that is. If you get a cold, you take medicine. If you're sick, you take a sick day from school. People have a heart attack? There's things to save them from that too.
That changes pretty quickly.
Being stuck on a bus with two other people (neither of which she really likes) is not her idea of fun. Being stuck on this bus going to visit caves- while she's afraid of the dark- is really not her idea of fun.
But what happens makes all of that look like a day at an amusement park.
on the way to the cave, her bus crashes and explodes. When it starts raining in a freak thunderstorm, she, the popular jock- Zeke- and the loner- Joy- hide in one of the random unexplored caves to avoid the rain. Somehow they're pulled into a puddle, and then... black.
When Kaida wakes up, it seems like she's back at home. It's all been a bad dream. But as time goes on, she finds that the life she's in is a distortion from what her life had been. There's no medicine. No doctors. No hospitals, patients, and death is considered natural.
She, Zeke, and Joy have to get out.
But is "out" an option?"
I closed my eyes and saw only red. Those horrible men had started off dressed in white, but within seconds they had been soaked in scarlet.
They weren't afraid of blood, it seemed.
Or of death, for that matter.
From what my mom has told me about Faye Kellerman's other works, I was fully expecting to read the first chapter, then find myself hiding under my bed.
Fortunately, this wasn't the case.
Instead, I read the book, in horrified interest, until the last page. The idea was interesting, and the book was well executed. It was thought provoking, and I found myself enjoying it immensely. Until the ending. The ending I had a problem with (when do I don't?), because it ended so... so... SAD. I almost cried.
But despite the ending, I'd still give this book four stars. :)

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