Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daniel X: Demons and Druids by James Patterson & Adam Sadler

Daniel X is back for the third adventure in the series (btw, review for the second one is here). This time, he's trying to track down Number Three on the list of aliens. This one's on fire. He controls fire and everything, so he'll be a difficult enemy. Daniel can time travel and has found new skills- but is also finding his powers harder to control. Will him and his friends defeat Number Three on the list, and be alive to tell the tale?

As cheesy as I just made that description- it was pretty good! I think it was my favorite out of the series, actually. Packed with action and some surprises- very fast-paced read, exciting and awesome. I'll give it 4 stars! You should read itttt. I think there was more to the story then there usually is in the Daniel X books too. Plus the fact that it was the fire alien dude this time, there was fire. That's exciting- right!?

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