Friday, June 12, 2009

Arthur And The Minioys and Arthur And The Forbidden City

Arthur And The Minimoys
"His parents began to sing together - "Happy birthday to you!" Arthur hang up, almost without emotion. It occurred to him that there was more life at the end of his bamboo pole than at the end of this telelphone line.
He looked at his dog, sitting expectantly in front of him, awaiting the news.
"It wasn't the president of the water company" said Arthur.

At the time this book takes place, Arthur is spending his summer at Grandma's. However, times are rough, and the greedy man, Davido, is threatening to evict Grandma if she can't find some money to pay him with. Before her husband, Archibald, dissapered, he supposedly hid the rubies which an african tribe had give him. Desperate to find them, Arthur looks in his Grandpa's study, only to find a riddle hidden behind a banner. He follows the instructions, and soon he finds himself in the land of the Minimoys, a tiny tribe of people who live unnoticed beneath the ground. He meets many characters, the king, the prince, and Princess Selenia to name a few. Now, I don't want to spoil anything, so I think I'll stop there. (by the way, this book ends right as it get exciting, so you might want to have the other book ready.)
Arthur And The Forbidden City
Arthur peered into the hole once more.
suddenly an object glistened. The first ruby at the top of the pyramid had just found the light.
Little by little, the saucer rose, carried by the water, and the pyramid became increasingly illuminated.
This book takes place where the other one leaves off. In this book Arthur and Selenia, oh, lets not forget the prince, they battle M. The cursed, and win. (you probably guessed that.) But how they do it, I will leave that a mystery. as you can see from the quote, the story ends happily ever after, almost. While he is down under earth, Selenia kisses Arthur, which in the world of Minimoys, means they're married, and, some of Selenia's powers transfer to Arthur.
What I thought
OMIGOSH. People, these books litterally earn the award ROFL!!! (I have now made thatan award to give out on this blog.) but OMG. Read these books!!! I think they were some of the funniest books ever written. I would give them each five stars.

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