Monday, June 29, 2009

Lily's Ghosts by Laura Ruby

I liked this book, lots! :) It was good, I give it 4 stars! I liked that it was perfectally descriptive enough, with some comedy, romance, horror, drama, and mystery. The wide cast of characters were great. I think it was written very well and the reading goes very smoothly. Every time you try to put the book down you want more. Anyway, Summary time!

Lily is a preteen girl who has moved around a lot, to finally end up living in her mom's families' summer house, (though no one has gone to spend time there for a while). Everytime she leaves a place she misses the last, and loses all her friends. She moves here and is going to be homeschooled until the start of next year, because she doesn't plan on starting all over again just yet. The house has some unusual goings on, that she doesn't know how to explain. She meets a nice boy from town, Vaz, to be her first new friend. They research the house's (and family's) history searching for the answer to the weird things that keep happening, from moving homework to creepy baby dolls and sudden temperature changes.

To find out more you will just have to read it. Have fun


Angela said...

OMIGOSH. I love this book!! I was going to review it, but I forgot, and returned it to the library, like, last winter!!!! I think the artist is the same one who did pic. for the Anybodies, though I'm not quite sure.

Meggin said...

It does look like the same illustration style... maybe. Great review, but not really something that'd interest me.

P.S. You won an award on my blog! Lemonade Stand... I don't know what it means but it's a good thing, right?


Cat said...

Cool. The art is nice, though, I personally thought it made the book look a lot, younger or something then the book was... Looked kinda like something they you find on an 8yo's shelf, not a preteen/teen. But awesome book indeed.

kisy mae campomanes said...

i love this book...i love the autor and i like this very much