Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eggs by Jerry Spinelli

"he spoke to the beautiful face. 'Are you sleeping?' The eyes did not open. He could not decide if he wanted them to open. The humped eyelids with their glittery purple were like tiny twin eggs, bird's eggs. 'Are ou going to say something?' The mouth did not move. 'Your dead, aren't you?' The beautiful face was as still as the trees. He was not afraid.
This is the first time
nine year old David meets thirteen year old Primrose. No one knows what is going to happen when they are together. David is quiet, shy, and always follows rules, except his grandmothers whose rules "don't count." Primrose lives in a nine pasanger van instead of her house because she doesn't want to have to sleep with her mother. She goes dumpster diving at night, and sells what she finds at the flea market. They get along great. Both of them have secrets though, secrets that they battle every day. Will they overcome these secrets in this book? I don't like to spoil books, so read it to find out. =P
I liked this book. I would give it three stars. I liked it while I was reading it, but I don't think I would like to read it again. There are parts which I don't even know what is going on, but that might just be me.

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