Friday, June 12, 2009

A Crooked Kind Of Perfect by Linda Urban

I was supposed to play the piano.

The piano is a beautiful instrument.



I play the organ.

A wood-grained, vinyl-seated, wheeze-bag organ.

The perfectone D-60

Zoe's dream is to be a prodigy in piano. To go to Carnegie Hall. She wants a piano. She tells her
dad, and he agrees. He goes to the store, to pick out the perfect one, and comes back with the Perfectone D-60. Zoe is crushed. How is she supposed to play beautifully on the D-60?

If, to that problem, you add the problem that her mom is always at work, her dad is afraid to leave the house, and she doesn't know whether she likes her friends anymore, she get a pretty bad life. Or so she thinks. With the help of a boy named Wheeler, her dad, her mom, and unknowingly her used-to-be bestfriend, she finds out that maybe her life is just a crooked kind of perfect.

This was a good book. The main character, Zoe, was nice, and so was Wheeler, the weird boy who follows her home everyday, and then later becomes her friend. I hated Emma, her used-to-be-bestfriend. I think you should hate her. she doesn't deserve to have a best friend!! Ok, ok, I will finally get to the rating. I would give this book three and a half stars.

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Meggin said...

Hey, Angela, it's Meggin from Serendipity Reviews :) Great review... I've been wanting to read this forEVER... Don't know why, I didn't know what it was about, just looked cute :)
Thanks for your comment :) I'm glad you like my blog... I always think people are gonna be all, "ZOMG she weird," so thanks for not doing that :)