Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, by Avi

"Miss Doyle," he said to me, "have you anything to say on your behalf now?"
"I did not do it!"
" Miss Doyle, the facts have spoken otherwise.. I wish to inform you that the penalty for such a crime is to be hanged my the nexk from the yardarm. Within twenty-four hours you shall be hanged until you are dead."
So saying he brought down his pistol hard upon the rail.
The trial was over.
Thirteen-year-old Lady Charlotte Doyle has no clue how much trouble she will encounter on her supposedly simple trip accross the sea from England to America. From the very second she boards the Seahawk things start to go wrong. First, the two other familys which Charlotte was to be traveling with couldn't make it, or wouldn't. Second, She is the only woman on board. For her eyes, that could be nothing good. When the seemingly gentlemanly captain tells Charlotte to be his eyes and ears among the crew, Charlotte thinks nothing of it. It is his crew, after all. However, when she discovers a pistol in one of the crew's chests, and reports it to the captain, disaster strikes. She soon learns that if something isn't done right, people pay. And, if people try to revolt, your life is on the line.
I liked this book, I might even read it again. Its nice to see how Charlotte evolves from a prim un-likeable miss Doyle, to a strong, browned, trouser wearing, Charlotte. I would recomend this to any girls who think that dresses are horrid, who dream of the sea, or who just like adventure and mystery. =D
I would give this four and one half stars.

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