Friday, June 26, 2009

Doctor illuminatus

Hey bookworms, Cat here to review an awesome book called Doctor Illuminatus by Martin Booth.
I picked this book up, curiously. It was on my bookshelf, and I think I bought it a long time ago, but I must've misplaced it and never had the chance to read it. I read it, starting yesterday, and being a fastreader/bookworm, I finished this morning. It's really great. I've never really heard much about it, and I guess there is a sequel, which I must find because I really liked this one. I give it 4 stars! It has action and fantasy and lots of different elements.
Tim&Pip move to a really old house with their parents. It's big, and the property is amazing. They find it adventurous, and the real adventures that would come with the house, they never could have expected. They hear knocking in the walls and suddenly, a boy, come out of the wall. Mystery about how it happened it explained and all and with the boy they embark on a journey with Alchemy to defeat the evil. It sounds lame with that description, sorry, but it's really REALLY good. So go and read it. Like, now. :)
I will say probably 11or12 and up, as there's some intense action and the odd subjects of how the evil is trying to get to them and stuff...


Cat said...

Weird, searched the internet to find Soul Stealer. I looked at amazon and they're out of stock, and weirdly, Doctor Illuminatus is out of hardcover, kindle only there to... Weird... None of my libraries at least have either, must not have been a common book. So, actually, if you get ahold of a copy, read it. :P

Angela said...

could I possibly borrow it?

Cat said...

Sure! :) Next time I see you I'll bring that, and Specials&Extras :) I'm guessin you finished MaxRide5? Lol. :) Jk, I know you did. :) I feel :) Randomness.