Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ghost Ship by Dietlof Reiche

Suddenly the captain roared, "Where are they, those doubloons? You had not right to take them, you and your cronies. where have you hidden them?!"
" I won't tell you!" The quartermaster shouted back. "That gold was ill-gotten. It'll be the ruin of us!"
Vicki had nothing in the summer to look forwards to except waiting on tables in her father's restaurant. However, when the bay mysteriously dries up, and the Storm Goddess, a ship from two hundred thirty years ago, washes up on deck, her summer suddenly gets a lot more exciting. With the help of Peter, a tourist, a nosy newspaper reporter, a snack bar owner, and a mysterious log book kept by the quartermaster of this ancient ship, Vicki must discover what sort of mysteries this ship contains. What are the mysterious fights on board? Are the ghosts of the crew really fated to fight their lost battle for enternity?
Cautiously, he put his head out - and quickly shrank back. "I, ah..." he said, turning pale. He leaned against the bulkhead for support.
"What is it?" Vicki whispered. He gestured mutely at the doorway. She looked through it, too - and recoiled just as he had.
The deck was littered with bodies. Dead bodies .
This was an excellent book. I like how it has some supernatural things, but isn't totally scary. Also, Vicki and Peter react like normal people. This is an interesting book. I would recommend it to people eleven and up, since it is a little gory. I would give this book three and one half stars. (out of five.)

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